University and College R/V Yellowfin Demonstration Cruises

SCMI standard demonstration cruise consist of 4 stations: Water Station, Biological Dredge station, Otter Trawl Station, and the Horizontal Plankton Haul Station. During the water station students are introduced to the use of a Secchi disk to determine turbidity, and the YSI CTD to determine physical properties of the water. The biological dredge station is used to collect benthic organisms and sediment samples. The otter trawl station is used to sample bottom dwelling fish and invertebrates. The horizontal plankton haul station is used to collect plankton samples which can be viewed and identified under the microscopes.  These demonstration cruises allow students to experience the ocean processes and examine physical, biological ,and chemical properties of the ocean environment.

Equipment available for  cruises:

  • Nisken Bottles
  • Plankton collector
  • Nansen Bottles
  • Avon w/ outboard
  • Reversing Thermometers
  • XBT
  • Dissecting Microscope
  • Phleger Corer
  • 1 meter plankton net (.505 mm)
  • Refractometer (handheld)
  • 1/2 meter plankton net .505mm and .263mm
  • Seabird
  • I-K mid-water trawl net  6'  and 10'
  • YSI CTD - (pH, temp, DO, salinity, conductivity, depth)
  • Bucket thermometer
  • Otter trawl
  • Biological dredge
  • Phytoplankton net (handheld)
  • Campbell grab /Van Veen Grab
  • Neuston net
  • TSK flow meter
  • Secchi disk
  • Forel-Ule color scale
  • Sediment sorter
  • Compound microscope

Demonstration Cruises can accommodate up to 40 students and faculty.

For information on scheduling a R/V Yellowfin Demonstration Cruise please contact Carrie Wolfe at