Port of Los Angeles Water Quality Monitoring

Real-time water quality data is collected through multi-parameter sondes at two locations in the Port of Los Angeles, Reclamation Dock and the Pilot Dock. This project allows Port staff and the public to observe select water quality parameters as they occur in real-time at locations throughout the Los Angeles Harbor through a web-based interface with the sampling devices (sondes). The sondes collect the following water quality parameters: temperature, salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll, and turbidity.

pola seawater


* Reclamation Dock generally has lower salinity measurements after rain fall due to freshwater run off.

Water quality data can be viewed by clicking here.

POLA Water Quality pics



For more information on the Water Monitoring Project, Port of Los Angeles contact Carrie Wolfe (carrie.wolfe@csulb.edu), Research and Education Coordinator, SCMI, 310-519-3172 ext 981