SCMI’s vessel fleet consists of well-equipped vessels that have the capability of meeting a variety of research and educational needs. The R/V Yellowfin is used to support our marine research and University and College Educational Programs for our member institutions as well as for all regional users. SCMI also maintains 2 small vessels for near shore research and programs, and stores and maintains vessels from member institutions.

To reserve the R/V Yellowfin please:

To reserve one of SCMI’s small vessel please contact:

In order to operate SCMI’s small vessels you will need to complete an online boat safety course and be checked out by our Boat Safety Officer, Captain Dennis Dunn. All operators must comply with SCMI’s small vessel protocols.

To schedule a boat safety check out, please contact:

Click here for information on the R/V Yellowfin and here for SCMI’s small vessels protocols.