Seasonal Bacteria Study:

The presence of coliform bacteria indicates potential health risks to users
of recreational waters, and specifically enterococcus bacteria have been shown
to cause health risks including stomach flu and other infections. SCMI’s
Seasonal Bacteria Study quantifies the amount of harmful bacteria in 13 sites
located near or in the LA/Long Beach harbor complex. The amount of total
coliforms, fecal coliforms (as estimated by E. coli), and enterococcus are
tested in November, February, May, August, and after the first flush (> 0.5
inches rainfall). SCMI has also been approved to expand this study with an
additional 20 sites in the greater Los Angeles basin by using volunteer citizen

Previous funding: Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) funding from the Los
Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board (1 year study)
Current funding: Funded for 1 year of the new 5-year study through the SEP

Searchable database of Seasonal Bacteria Study Data (Coming soon!)

One-Year Seasonal Bacteria Study Supplemental Environmental Project Final Report 2003