Professional Development and Continued Education

Teacher Preparation Program

Preview and participate in the same activities your students will experience. The knowledge and skills gained will enable you to facilitate marine science activities right in your classroom with the assistance of an SCMI instructor.

Associate Scientist Program

  • Work side-by-side with professional scientists to gain experience in doing scientific research.
  • Teachers will be able to participate in projects associated with SCMI and affiliate institutions.
  • Teachers will learn to develop a working project proposal with the SCMI staff.
  • Focus on the application of scientific method, hypothesis development and the effective use of data management.
  • This program will be by appointment only.

Curriculum Design and Development

Tap into the myriad of resources available through SCMI to develop your own marine science activities. Work with content experts and learning consultants to design activities that will tap the energy and engage the minds of all students.

Science Teaching Techniques

Gain hands-on experience with teaching techniques that will help students develop scientific thinking processes. The use of these techniques will create an interactive student-centered learning environment in which all students can be successful.