Earth Day April 20, 2013 at Cabrillo Aquarium

SCMI Earth Day booth at the Cabrillo Aquarium was a great success. Over 200 public participants stopped by SCMI’s booth. The booth displayed information about SCMI’s research and educational programs including the Port of Los Angeles Water Quality Monitoring Project, XBT models and information, marine specimens and fossils, and a science quiz. The highlight of the booth was the SCMI touch tank with marine invertebrates, rays and a horn shark. Children and Parents were able to touch and learn about the marine animals that are found right in their backyard in the Los Angeles Harbor. SCMI Staff passed out brochures and SCMI’s new Newsletter as well as small beach balls for the kids. Earth Day at the Cabrillo Aquarium is a wonderful opportunity for the public to learn about the new and exciting research and education programs happening at SCMI.