Citizen Water Quality Monitoring:

For several years, SCMI has served as a technical advisor to cooperating organizations with ambient water quality monitoring programs. SCMI, the State Water Resources Control Board’s Clean Water Team, and these organizations form the Los Angeles Regional Citizen Monitoring Steering Team (LARCMST). Through grants, SCMI has been able to perform water quality training and quality assurance sessions and has provided monitoring equipment for member groups. In addition, water quality data collected by member groups and accepted by SCMI’s quality assurance standards has been consolidated in one database.

Previous funding: Section 319 (h) Clean Water Act funding through the Environmental Protection Agency and the State Water Resources Control Board, Royal Caribbean’s Ocean Fund
Current funding: Will J. Reid Foundation grant for reagents

Searchable Database of Citizen Monitoring Data (Coming soon!)

Water Quality Field Data Sheet
Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP)
The Freshwater and Marine Team Field Guide
319 (h) Grant Final Report
Map of Citizen Monitoring stations made for SCMI by the Los Angeles/San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council